Epee 2.5: The New Fencing Paradigm Revised and Expanded

Johan Harmenberg revolutionized epee fencing when he pioneered the New Fencing Paradigm that lets a fencer neutralize his opponent’s superior technique. In this new, expanded edition of Epee 2.0, he hears comments from top competitors and gives his responses. Johan had given up on serious fencing because he thought he lacked the talent to fence classically. He left his native Sweden to pursue his education at MIT. Here he met Eric Sollee, an innovative coach. Together, they mapped out the “New Fencing Paradigm, scribbling Eric’s Three Conjectures on a bar napkin. Johan put the New Paradigm into effect – with a vengeance. Despite being snubbed by the Swedish authorities for his new style, he won the World Championship in Men’s Individual Epee in 1977 and the Olympic Gold Medal in 1980. In this ground-breaking book, Johan tells his inspiring story and reveals the theory behind his style. Also, Björne Väggö, NCAA epee champion and Olympic Silver Medalist, explains his own take on the New Par¬adigm, Geoff Pingree, IFA epee champion, tells how the paradigm developed at MIT, In this new edition, new voices join the conversation: world and Olympic individual champions Arndt Schmitt (Germany) and Philippe Boisse (France) plus Swiss national coach and world team champion Angelo Mazzoni. They share their winning methods, their insights, and their comments on Johan’s theories, and he replies to their comments. He has also added new chapters, including a scientific paper on a study that put his ideas to the test.

Epee 2.5: The New Fencing Paradigm Revised and Expanded
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