Fencing Is My Life, by Sergei Golubitsky

The best fencing autobiography since Nadi's, with inspiration and instruction for every fencer. It's a great gift for young fencers and an important story for coaches. In this book, an elite champion tells his story and teaches his secrets! Golubitsky, a four-time overall World Cup Champion, three-time World Champion, and winner of nineteen World Cups, recounts his difficult rise to the top, his triumphs and mistakes, and the lessons he learned from them. Sergei tells of his early days inside the old Soviet "sports machine," the breakup of the USSR, and his emergence into the new world of international fencing. This is an inspiring story of desire and persistence, frustration and triumph. Plus, it's packed with practical tips for fencing and training. Numerous photos. Softcover. $27.95.
Fencing Is My Life, by Sergei Golubitsky
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