The Fencer and the Zen Body

A fusion of Eastern and Western martial arts traditions, combat arts insights, and body movement theories that blends their disparate elements into a unified and mutually beneficial whole. That’s what Quincy Rabôt has done with fencing and martial arts, blending Eastern insights with Western scientific understanding of the human body moving in combat.
The result:
• A new vision of fencing movement that’s based on centuries-old traditions
• Eastern imagery supported by Western biomechanics
• A way of imagining fencing movements that leads to relaxed, efficient speed and power

This is not a book on how to fence.
It is a book intended to transform your understanding of how to fence, how to experience your fencing, and how to convey the essence of fencing to others.

It is a fusion!
Quincy Day Rabôt is a Renaissance man for the twenty-first century—a healer, martial artist, athlete, teacher, sculptor, gardener, and yes, a fencer. He runs a sports injury and back pain clinic in Guildford, UK, teaches martial arts, conducts performance improvement clinics for athletes, and directs workshops on kinesiology, ergonomics, and movement dynamics for a wide variety of disciplines. 
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